Today, many people claim to teach integrity, but how? At the Three Coral Dojo, we begin by example. The Sensei teaches Karate from Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate. You will find that he does not lead by words but by example.


Some people are controlled by others but if a child can learn to control himself, success is around the corner. Self-discipline is not taught by fear but by example. As someone who has earned a Medical Doctorate and has taught Doctoral candidates, the example is clear, education is important and to learn what you must, you need to control yourself.


Unlike many sport activities where there is a winner and a loser, then everyone is given participation trophies, in Karate the student is competing against themselves what that means is that students learn to strive. Striving like this makes the ranks earned meaningful. Rank is based on milestones that a student can achieve by effort.


People forget that self-defense is a last resort. in martial art related sports you have two contestants who are the same size and weight. Let’s face it Karate is a Japanese word that was not used as the name for martial arts until 1920 when it was used for the Martial art of the island of Okinawa. Now many claim to teach “karate”.

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Classes are taught by Dr. RH Gutierrez, who was awarded his Dojo License in Okinawa by (Kensei) Taba Sensei.


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