3 Coral Doja
Recognized at the birthplace of Karate, Okinawa Japan

If you want to be the best you have to learn from and train with the best. Classes at Three Coral Dojo are all taught by Sensei Dr. RH Gutierrez scholar, writer, anatomy professor and martial arts expert. Sensei Gutierrez was awarded his Dojo License in Okinawa by (Kensei) Taba Sensei. He was responsible for teaching Clinical Anatomy to Doctoral Candidates at SDSU’s Doctoral Program of Physical Therapy, and has authored articles in Classical Fighting arts and Master’s Magazines, the two most respected Martial arts magazines.

At Three Coral Dojo we are committed to teaching the true martial arts tradition of Okinawa the birthplace of Karate. We focus on teaching self-defense and building confidence with an emphasis of the importance of the true Karate tradition.

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