What is Evidence based information and why it matters

CSI looks for evidence, shouldn’t  you?  In human health (medicine,) there is a term called “Evidence-Based,” which means that the conclusions must be based on the best available information.  The facts should be consistently and systematically identified, and tested before being accepted.  In the academic world, this is done by peer reviews.  Specialists in a particular field read and evaluated the information in an article for accuracy.  If the evidence is not present to support it, it is not admissible.

The value of “Evidence-Based” information is that there are many unsavory (McDojo Karate studio) businessmen who are trying to sell snake-oil.  These people hide by claiming “it’s tradition” and say that questioning it is something that is not the “Asian way.”  When hard evidence is presented against them, these people will make comments like, “Well they did not believe Columbus either.”   Er, Columbus had evidence and in evidence-based information, we are expected to change our ideas as newer and correct information becomes available.

Too many comments in Martial Arts communities are based on regurgitated opinions that are passed off as facts.  These people will demand that you believe them without questioning in a cult-like manner.  As you either begin or expand on your martial arts knowledge, remember the old show business words, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Original article by RH Gutierrez, MD

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