Mr. RH Gutierrez is an accomplished author, medical doctor, anatomy professor and martial arts expert. His second book "Cerus and the rarest thing" is about his time spent in Okinawa Japan where he learned from founders of modern day Karate. It's an exciting fictional account based on his real life experiences. Having experienced this rich culture first hand RH Gutierrez has a deep appreciation for traditional Japanese culture and history.


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Breaking PointsUsing History, Maxims and Modern Science to Understand Kata

In essence, Its a manual on using the Ikken Hissatsu (lethal strikes)

Imagine a doctor and clinical anatomist using kata to point Breaking_Points_Cover (533x800)out disabling defenses then giving you the medical data for evidence. Forms, or Kata in Japanese, have been used around the world to train warriors since antiquity, today, neuro-science states that there is no better way to teach as they make learning fighting techniques faster.

As Pinan Shodan has a recent history (starting in 1901) and is seen in Okinawan, Mainland Japan (Heian Nidan), Korea (Pyong-ang), and many other martial arts it was used to make generalizations about other forms. The maxims state that Pinan Shodan should be used only as a last resort. One concept that sticks out is that of IKKEN HISSATSU, that one move should end the encounter so medical data was used to match a disabling strike to the kata move.


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