Dr. RH Gutierrez has one of the most impressive resumes in martial arts, which includes a Medical Doctorate, a degree in Biology, and training in various martial arts.

Dr Gutierrez teaching Clinical Anatomy to DPT students at SDSU 2012

In 1988 he enrolled in a generic “Karate.” Later, while studying in Honduras, he picked up boxing.  When he returned to the US, he enrolled in Shotokan at a community college.

When he was a freshman at San Diego State University in 1992, he trained in Thai boxing.  During his Medical School years(1997-2001) Dr. RH Gutierrez trained in Shito-Ryu Karate-do under fellow medical student Gordon Sensei until 2001, when the two friends graduated and had to go their separate ways.

In 2003, while teaching Human Anatomy at Santa Monica College, he found a dojo which taught a spin-off of Shotokan where he remained until 2005.  The dojo also had instructors who taught classes in Judo and Aikido which he would study when time permitted.  When the senior student left, RH Gutierrez followed him into Matsubayashi Ryu and was an assistant instructor for the new Dojo.

RH Gutierrez, MD moved to San Diego in 2007 to teach General Biology, Human Biology, and Human Physiology at various colleges and Karate as a hobby at Sherman Heights Community Center. That year was also the first time he went to Okinawa to train under Kensei Taba.  RH Gutierrez returned to Okinawa in 2011 to become an official student of Taba Sensei’s style of Karate-do.

When San Diego State University began a Doctorate in Physical Therapy program, RH Gutierrez, MD set up and taught the Clinical Anatomy as a founding member of the faculty.

After that school year, RH Gutierrez, MD spent a three month term at the principle school at the Okinawan Shogen Ryu Karate-do International Hombu dojo where he studied Shogen Ryu Karate and Yamane Ryu Bojitsu under all the Yodansha of that dojo.

Currently he is heading a Shogen Ryu Karate-do Dojo in San Diego, CA.


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Video of our Sensei

In martial arts, many people buy special uniforms that will produce more sound because of the special fibers to produce snap. At the Three Coral Dojo, our students use the inexpensive 100% cotton light weight uniforms. When a snap is heard in these, it shows the level of power a student has. These are not Black Belts but a green and a brown belt. These punches show the level of training that our students have. When looking at the power of a punch we are dealing with Kinetic Energy which physics defines in the following:

KE= 1/2ma2 where m= mass and a= acceleration.

Kinetic energy will be transformed into friction, heat and sound so the sound you hear is based on the kinetic energy. The more kinetic energy the more snap.

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